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Dear Short Answers:
My daughter is graduating from college in June and she desperately wants to go to Europe for 2 months with a group of her friends. All of the other parents are paying for their kids to go (at least that’s what my daughter tells me) but I don’t feel good about spending that much money for a “vacation.”  Plus, I already made it clear to her that once she graduates, she is on her own (since her father and I paid for her college education). I think it would be a good experience for her and I know that “all the kids are doing it.”  But I don’t know if those are good enough reasons.  What do you think?
Paid in Full

Dear Paid:
We agree that a summer in Europe sounds grand! At any age! Why don’t you and “dad” take the summer in Europe to reward yourself for having put your daughter through college? No? Can’t afford it? Can’t take the time off? Then neither can she. Not on your dime.

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