Wrecking Crew Approaching

Posted on | August 6, 2017 | Comments Off on Wrecking Crew Approaching

Dear Short Answers:
My husband just got an amazing job offer in another city working for a theater company.  Unfortunately, I also work in the theater and if we move there, I would probably have to work for him since that is the only major theater in that city.  I truly don’t want to do that and possibly screw up our marriage.  But I also don’t want to stop him from advancing his career.  But if I take a job in another industry in our new city, I could mess up my own career.  How do we figure this out?
The Other Half

Dear Other:
This is tough, but we think you should hold out for a bigger city where there are independent opportunities for both of you. Not because working for one’s husband is inherently a bad idea, but it sounds like this is nothing even close to equal opportunity.

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