Your Sister’s Keeper

Posted on | September 3, 2017 | Comments Off on Your Sister’s Keeper

Dear Short Answers:
I took my dog to the dog park yesterday and while I was there a woman came in with a rather large dog and soon after, she left and left her dog in the dog park. I thought she might be just going to her car or something but I was there for over 30 minutes and she still had not returned.  I finally left myself but kept thinking that perhaps I should have called the local SPCA to come get the dog.  I didn’t want them to permanently take the dog away from her but her behavior seemed really irresponsible to me and potentially dangerous (it was, after all, a really big dog).  What do you think I should have done?

Dear Worrying:
No wonder you are still concerned! It is always tough to decide when to intervene when encountering the irresponsible behavior of others.  Intervention often means setting a process in motion over which you have no control. You did what seems reasonable. Perhaps you might have checked back to see if she had come for the dog in another half hour, but if not, you would have faced the same tough call.


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