Freedom to Speak

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Dear Short Answers:
Last year my neighbor’s 15 year old daughter had a baby.  There doesn’t seem be a father around and since both grandparents work full-time and the daughter is still in high school, I offered to help baby sit since I am retired and my kids are long since grown up. Believe me, I have given them hundreds of free baby sitting hours while the grandparents worked and mom went to school. I am now appalled to find out that the girl is pregnant again!! I feel a little responsible since I seem to have made their lives so much easier but I also feel used.  I want these two babies to have a fair start in life but maybe the mom needs to take responsibility for her actions. I am tempted to say “no more” but don’t know whether the girl will learn her lesson or the kids will suffer.  What’s the right thing to to?
Good Neighbor

Dear Neighbor:
We have many concerns about a high school age single mother of two.  It sounds like you do as well and have earned the right to say anything you want to the girl, or her parents. That includes saying that babysitting TWO infants is TOO much for you.


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