Explain Not Explete

Posted on | March 27, 2019 | Comments Off on Explain Not Explete

Dear Short Answers:
When I was a child my parents taught me not to swear and gave my brothers and me different words to use like “gosh darn it,” “jeepers cripes” and “oh fudge.” I have taught the same thing to my kids who are now 8 & 10. Everything was fine until this year, my 10-year old’s teacher called to tell me that Brandon was swearing in class and when I asked what he said, the teacher repeated the exact phrases that I had taught my kids to say.  I tried to explain that these were not swear words, but the teacher claimed that since they were SIMILAR to swear words that they actually meant the same thing and that a child might say “fudge” but was really thinking about the other f-word and that was just as bad.  I am somewhere between furious and absolutely perplexed.  What do I do?
Just Call Me Sugar

Dear Sugar:
We are both furious and perplexed but given the many things that concern us and perhaps you as well, we suggest that you hold your fire on this one. Tell Brandon that his teacher prefers that he use his words to explain his anger or frustration.


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