A Pretty Face Won’t Get You on the Subway

Posted on | July 28, 2019 | Comments Off on A Pretty Face Won’t Get You on the Subway

Dear Short Answers:
My brother is a great guy but not exactly what you’d call great looking. I
know that sounds insensitive but it’s the truth.  That’s one reason why
the whole family was shocked when he got a drop-dead gorgeous girl-
friend who “claims” to be a model. The problem is that she thinks he is
vastly better looking than he is and she wants him to become a model as well. He is going to quit his job and they are both moving to New York to focus on modeling full-time. I think she is setting him up for a hugely
embarrassing disappointment.  How can I get him to come to his senses?
Worried About My Bro

Dear Worried:
You are focusing on the wrong issue. Your brother may or may not be good looking, and the GF may or may not be “drop-dead gorgeous” but that has only modest impact on their likelihood of success in the New York modeling world. Hundreds of people come to New York everyday with high hopes. Our advice to everyone, regardless of their gifts, is to have a back-up plan.


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