Sheltering in Place: The Cost

Posted on | May 10, 2020 | Comments Off on Sheltering in Place: The Cost

Dear Short Answers:
Even before the virus, my BF and I were planning to split up. And now our relationship is even worse. The problem is that now is not a good time to be looking for a new place to live especially since I don’t have a job and can’t really afford much of anything. The lease is in my BFs name and he pays all the rent. It’s a one-bedroom apt and we still sleep together so he still expects sex.  When I complain he just tells me to move out which I can’t do. How do I convince him we should live together without having sex until I can afford to get the hell out.
Suffering in Place

Dear Suffering:
We agree with him. If you don’t like his rules, get out.
Hint: Get a job.


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