STOP (in the Name of Love)

Posted on | May 22, 2020 | Comments Off on STOP (in the Name of Love)

Dear Short Answers:
I live in a small beachside town in Florida and we have been very lucky to have almost no virus cases in this area. About a month ago, my son and his wife and their two children decided to move out of Boston and stay with me here since they can work from home now. It was fine at first but now I am going crazy. They refuse to let me leave the house (I am over 70 years old but very healthy) even though they go grocery shopping and take their children to the beach. Before they arrived I had a great routine of walking with a friend every morning for 2 hours, having coffee with a friend (at a safe distance) and I would even have a glass of wine with a friend on her front porch.  They won’t let me do any of that and claim that it is for my own good. It’s MY house and it’s MY life.  How do I handle this? I can’t kick them out but I can’t live like this. Help!

Dear Suffocated:
Hahahaha. There appears to be a lot of this going around — kids who attempt to restrict their parents activity in the name of love. Wonder where they got that idea?


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