Call Often (and Frequently)

Posted on | June 5, 2020 | Comments Off on Call Often (and Frequently)

Dear Short Answers:
My father has been in an assisted living facility for about three years. He lives far from here and I didn’t really visit him very often. Now of course I can’t visit because of the virus and I feel so extremely guilty.  The home where he lives told me that I can come to visit if I go into quarantine for two weeks after I arrive and again for two weeks after our visit. That means I have to leave my family for over a month and could potentially put them all at risk. One day I want to jump on a plane and go visit my dad and the next I just want to hide under my bed. What should I do? This is driving me absolutely crazy.
Guilty and Stuck

Dear G&S:
Call and write as often as you can. Calls don’t need to be long or “important.” We have learned through our own experience as well as that of others that a few minutes on FaceTime (while you’re cooking dinner) on a frequent basis makes a bigger difference than you might think. Even if you need to enlist help at his facility..


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