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Dear Short Answers:
Because of COVID, the company I work for made a decision to cut senior management salary – this was a decision from the board of directors not even from the level of President or the CEO. I’m really against it. Now, they “revisited” the policy and are going forward with another three months BUT not having it affect lower level employees which I’m against. To add insult to injury, we have this admin who is awful and even my boss thinks she’s over compensated. I talked to my two supes today and they disagreed and felt that I/we should all be thankful just to have jobs, and that I am too “emotional” about it. Help?

Dear Under:
We have all had very little experience in thinking about the common good. Prosperity allowed most Americans to take care of themselves and made those that could not invisible or an object of pity. First attempts at taking care of the community be it the workplace or where we live are bound to be clumsy. Hang in. Be as kind and generous as you can manage.


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