About Us

There are a million stories in the naked city and we have heard most of them.

Our collective experiences have taken us all over the world and through the range of human experiences from love, lust, and loss, to coupling and uncoupling, parenting and non-parenting, career highs and career lows. We have written about some of it in a variety of contexts. Last year we had a book published called The Hourglass Solution about one of life’s great transitions. We have worked as therapists, teachers and trend spotters and have had a bird’s eye view of the human condition from many elevations.  It would be immodest and imprudent and inaccurate to say we’ve seen it all–but we have been around the track a few times.
We both spent many decades in the advertising business, which made an indelible mark.  Advertising convinced us that a true and relevant message could be communicated in very few words.
So, we invented Short Answers.  We believe that although individual lives are complicated, the solutions to our most troubling and intimate problems are often very straightforward if we are able to sift through the details and get to the heart of the issue.
That’s where we can help. We have the training and life experience to cut to the chase and identify an approach that may be hard to see from where you are sitting. Send us a problem and we will post a response within 24 hours.  Try it…how could it hurt?  And it might just be the small dose of help you need.