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The Hourglass SolutionYOU’VE FOCUSED ON YOUR GOALS, achieved almost everything you had your eye on, and now that you’ve arrived, you ask yourself: Where am I?

Many boomers are surprised to find themselves stuck in the middle of the hourglass, constrained by the choices they made earlier in life and downright afraid of the retirement days that stretch ahead. But as the voices in The Hourglass Solution confirm, it’s all a matter of perspective: you can remain stuck in that narrow channel for the rest of your life—or it can be a passage to an expanding future of possibilities.

In this groundbreaking work, two experts define this problem that didn’t have a name—until now. They tackle the sense of ennui, fear, and confusion that confront many of us who are fifty and older, and offer up stories from those who broke free from the neck of the hourglass. You’ll meet a successful attorney who’s ready for a life change. You’ll hear from a big-city banker who packs up and moves to Phoenix, to the surprise of friends and family. Also here are stories of a couple looking for ways to reconnect after caring for aging parents, a former accountant who finally does buy that dreamed-of diving shop in Costa Rica, and a couple who downsizes to travel.

The Hourglass Solution is not about making the perfect choice; there is no single right choice. Rather, it’s about increasing your options and possibilities in later life. This book will give you the energy, the self-awareness, and the courage to set out on a new course that includes wonderful new adventures—and new meanings.

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