Sheltering in Place: The Cost

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Dear Short Answers:
Even before the virus, my BF and I were planning to split up. And now our relationship is even worse. The problem is that now is not a good time to be looking for a new place to live especially since I don’t have a job and can’t really afford much of anything. The lease is in my BFs name and he pays all the rent. It’s a one-bedroom apt and we still sleep together so he still expects sex.  When I complain he just tells me to move out which I can’t do. How do I convince him we should live together without having sex until I can afford to get the hell out.
Suffering in Place

Dear Suffering:
We agree with him. If you don’t like his rules, get out.
Hint: Get a job.


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Dear Short Answers:
I have several friends who are hard of hearing. They have hearing aids but, of course, those things don’t always work.  Consequently, they have a tendency to get very close to you so that they can hear what you are saying. Right now, that behavior makes me very nervous.  Even when I speak loudly, they lean in to hear what I am saying.  I think that people with hearing difficulties feel pretty isolated on a regular day so I don’t want to avoid them or walk away. But how do I keep us all safe and STILL be polite and understanding?
Six Fee of Distance

Dear Distance:
Ask them to turn up the volume.

New Rules

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Dear Short Answers:
Now that my husband and I are staying at home and not seeing any other people, he has decided that personal hygiene is irrelevant.  I have tried to convince him that good hygiene makes you happy but he doesn’t buy it. How do I convince him that his disgusting appearance makes me
UNHAPPY and that he should care about that?
I’m Serious

Dear Serious:
Well, we assume you have already tried asking him without insulting him, which would be our first choice. Second is to hope he’ll get over what ever he is trying to communicate, sooner rather than later.

Latitude and Longitude

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Dear Short Answers:
Like many people these days I’ve taken the time to re-connect with long lost friends.  I’ve been so thrilled to rekindle some of these relationships. But now & then I come across an old friend who still harbors a grudge, about something that may or may not have happened decades ago. And
that’s the first thing they say, “did you call to apologize?????”  What can I
say to defuse the situation and just let bygones be bygones?  I’d love to
reduce everybody’s anger just a little bit.
Doing My Best

Dear Doing:
Your intentions are admirable but you have to meet people where they are, and it may not be where you want them to be.

He’s 19, Right?

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Dear Short Answers:
My son, who is 19 years old, is convinced that he had the coronavirus and is now immune.  He was pretty sick last month but never got tested.  Now, he wants to use his free time to grocery shop for people, volunteer at the local food bank, and generally help out people who need it.  I am so proud of him for wanting to do this but petrified that he is wrong and that he is putting himself in danger if he does this.  How do I talk my child out of doing something so wonderful but dangerous?
Worried Mom

Dear Mom:
The obvious answer to your dilemma is for your son to get a test, no matter how invincible he believes himself to be. Anyone who is in contact with vulnerable populations needs to make certain that their good intentions do no harm. Sadly, this is easier said than done but perhaps your family physician can provide some guidance.

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Measures

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Dear Short Answers:
After this month of sheltering in place with my husband, I look at our guest room with longing. We have never ever slept apart, even when one of us is sick but I want to sleep alone for a few nights. Is that terrible? I think my husband will think so.
I Wanna Be Alone

Dear Wanna Be:
We totally get it! Personal Space is at a premium these days. Tell him you love him, that it’s just for a few days and that perhaps you will visit.

Keep It Up

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Dear Short Answers:
I’m 65; my girlfriend is 61. We have sex about 2 or 3 times a week. Is this normal?
Old Horn Dog

Dear OHD:
Yes — slight overachievement. Congrats.

Hang Tough

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Dear Short Answers:
Been sheltering in place since March 13. I live alone. This is very, very hard. Help!
Girl on Her Own

Dear Girl:
We know. You’re right. It is very hard but it isn’t forever. It only feels like it. There is no alternative. You can do it, really.

Just Wasting Time

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Dear Short Answers:
I don’t think that my boyfriend of the last three years is THE ONE. I like him, even love him but he’s not the one. Should we break up now or wait til one of us finds someone else?
OK But Not Great

Dear OK:
If you are looking for THE ONE, then you best be on your way.

Clear Intentions

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Dear Short Answers:
I have been accepted at grad school with $$$ and now I don’t know if I want to go. Should I just bite the bullet and go?

Dear DK:
If you don’t really want to go, it’s a waste of their money and your time.

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