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Dear Short Answers
Was Rasputin a Jew?

Dear GOP:
Who wants to know?

What if THEY Win?

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Dear Short Answers:
Is it wrong to “disown” your family over politics? My brother is a hate-spewing Trump supporter who plasters his Facebook page with bizarre lie-filled rants.  I try to avoid politics when I speak to him but it’s just not possible because he always brings it up.  We are both in our 60s and basically have nothing in common.  Every encounter with him leaves me sad and disheartened.  My wife encourages me to stay in touch because he is “family” but when “family” makes you sad, isn’t it better to sever all ties and just move on?

Sick of Him

Dear Sick:
We hear you and a lot of us are facing similar situations — if not with family, then with old friends. Although we have a bias toward long-standing irreplaceable relationships — and surely a brother is in that category — sometimes you just can’t take it anymore. But there sure are a lot of them.

$$$ and Sense

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Dear Short Answers:
A close friend of mine is very active in a local charity that has an annual big fund-raising drive. Every year I have given a token amount just because he is my friend.  This year I decided that was silly because I really don’t believe in their cause and it annoys me that he expects me to contribute to something I don’t like. Unfortunately, he is now completely ignoring me and refuses to acknowledge my presence even when we are in the same room.  Do you think I was right not to contribute?  Or should I have given something purely in the interest of our friendship?

Dear John:
Contributions to charities that are important to our friends are to honor the commitment our friends have made. In general, its a good idea — that’s how not-for-profits float the boat.

Don’t Get Mad, Handle It

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Dear Short Answers:
I am a single woman in my late 50s who decided that my career was more important than getting married or raising a family. There are times when I regret this decision but there’s not a lot I can do about it now.  The problem is that the younger people where I work are all obsessed with having kids (several of them are pregnant right now and several are “trying to get pregnant”).  So whenever a late night or weekend job needs to get done, I’m the one who has to do it because we can’t possibly interfere with the personal life of a “mom.”  How do I convince the CEO that this is simply reverse discrimination and that we should all get treated the same whether we have kids or not?
Feeling Abused

Dear FA:
We think you should start with being pleasantly direct with your co-workers. Explain that “single” doesn’t mean doormat and that you also have a personal life.   Try to work out an equitable schedule for late nights/weekends without escalating it to the CEO. That’s what grown ups do.

When No News Is Better

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Dear Short Answers:
I have gotten so sick and tired of people posting their AMAZING vacation photos on Facebook. Why are all my friends going to incredible countries and having incredible adventures when I have to stay home and work????

Dear Crabby:
We don’t know why you can’t manage a vaca — but surely you can take a FB break. Sounds like you need one.

Full Disclosure

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Dear Short Answers:
About 6 months ago I moved to a new city and have been trying to get to know new people.  One of my co-workers must have thought I was gay (which I am not) because he invited me to a social event at the local gay and lesbian center.  I went anyway and had a great time.  I’ve been back several times and have made a lot of new, really great friends.  Now I am feeling a bit guilty and think I need to tell people that I am not a lesbian.  Nobody has been hitting on me and everybody has been as sweet as they can be.  But I feel that I am making friends under false pretenses like being on J-Date when you’re not Jewish.  Do you think I should announce my heterosexuality or just keep making friends and hope that it comes out naturally?

Dear Worried:
Sounds like you are the only one who is unclear … but surely there is the opportunity to reveal your sexual identity without making an announcement.

A Rose By Any Other Name

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Dear Short Answers:
I am not an alcoholic. At least I don’t think so.  And no one has told me that I drink too much.  My problem is that I go out with friends or go to a party and once I start drinking I can’t stop.  My friends might have 2 or 3 drinks and then say they’ve had enough.  Once I’ve had 2 or 3 drinks I have no will power and keep drinking until I’m clearly drunk and hung over the next day.  Do you have any advice on how I can get some will power?
One Too Many, Once Too Often

Dear One Too:
It’s not about will power.  Call it what you want, but not being able to stop when you have had enough signals a problem. You can try limiting yourself to one drink, but if you can’t do that consistently, you had better quit.  Sounds harsh? That’s what an alcoholic says.

Measuring Up

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Dear Short Answers:
I’ve always liked really tall guys but I think I’m falling in love with a guy who is even shorter than I am. Is it possible to change one’s taste in men?  Or do you think this is just a short guy phase that I will grow out of?  I don’t want to invest too much time and energy if it’s just a passing fancy.
Shortie, Too

Dear Shortie:
You love who you love. A checklist of criteria for selecting a partner sounds like a good idea but your heart doesn’t always listen. Go with your feelings.

Reading Between the Lines

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Dear Short Answers:
Totally out of the blue, one of my oldest friends stopped talking to me and I have no idea why. I’ve asked her and she always says “nothing” but in that tone of voice that really means “something but I’m not telling you.”  We are both adults.  Do I just hope that time will heal this?  Or do I send her flowers with a generic “I’m sorry about something” note?  I don’t want to lose this friendship but I don’t want to grovel either.
Shut Out

Dear Shut Out:
Write your friend a note telling your friend that you value the relationship.  Say that you would be happy to discuss whatever is bothering them. No response is an answer and don’t pursue it further.

Yes or No

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Dear Short Answers:
Is it polite to go out with boys you don’t really like just to be nice? Or is it mean to waste their money if you’re not really into them?
Girl Trying to Do the Right Thing

Dear Girl:
You should value your own time, not just their money. If you are not at all interested in spending your time with someone, then politely decline their invitation.

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