Warning: Death or Chi-chi

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband started smoking again. What should I do?
Join him? Nagging definitely doesn’t help.
Worried Wife

Dear Wife:
Just look at him sadly. There is no new information.

Winner Takes All

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Dear Short Answers:
Can anyone beat superman?

Dear Lois:
We need more information.

Money Problems

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Dear Short Answers:
My brother, whom I adore, always owes me money, which always annoys me but what to do? In most other ways we get along swell.
Sister Sal

Dear Sal:
This one is easy. Don’t lend him money. Either give it to him and don’t expect it to be returned, or don’t and tell him that these transactions hurt your otherwise good relationship.

Where Angels Fear to Tread

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Dear Short Answers:
A cousin of mine recently told me that her son (Steve) is transgendering to female (Selene). I am not very close to this particular cousin since I am gay and her religious beliefs do not allow her to accommodate (to put it mildly) gay people. But in this situation, she has asked me to speak with her new daughter and try to figure out what is going on. I am happy to
speak to Selene as a friend since I am sure it is a very tough and unpleasant situation at home. But I am no expert in transgender behavior and have no intention of trying to talk “Steve” out of it (as I am sure that my cousin wants me to do). Should I go ahead and speak with Selene or stay out of this complicated family dynamic?
Selene’s Mother’s Cousin

Dear Cousin:
We think you have the right idea. It is indeed complicated but probably Selene and your cousin could use some family support. Be kind, respect boundaries and perhaps you can be helpful.


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Dear Short Answers:
Can anyone beat Superman?
Need to Know

Dear Need:
We believe that Superwoman has given him a run for his money.

Explain Not Explete

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Dear Short Answers:
When I was a child my parents taught me not to swear and gave my brothers and me different words to use like “gosh darn it,” “jeepers cripes” and “oh fudge.” I have taught the same thing to my kids who are now 8 & 10. Everything was fine until this year, my 10-year old’s teacher called to tell me that Brandon was swearing in class and when I asked what he said, the teacher repeated the exact phrases that I had taught my kids to say.  I tried to explain that these were not swear words, but the teacher claimed that since they were SIMILAR to swear words that they actually meant the same thing and that a child might say “fudge” but was really thinking about the other f-word and that was just as bad.  I am somewhere between furious and absolutely perplexed.  What do I do?
Just Call Me Sugar

Dear Sugar:
We are both furious and perplexed but given the many things that concern us and perhaps you as well, we suggest that you hold your fire on this one. Tell Brandon that his teacher prefers that he use his words to explain his anger or frustration.

Context Is Everything

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Dear Short Answers:
How do you tell the difference between love and sex?
Need to Know

Dear Need to Know:
If you really need to know — you already know. Otherwise don’t ask the question.

It’s a Matter of Taste

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Dear Short Answers:
How do you tell a friend that she needs a head to toe make-over? Its all wrong!
Would Love to Help

Dear Help:
Fools jump in. Friends wait to be asked.

Give It a Try but Don’t Expect Much

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Dear Short Answers:
Do I have a right to insist that my grown son and his family visit me in my home? My grandsons have never seen me in my own home, which means on some very basic level, they have no idea who I am.

Dear Granny:
We feel you but insisting is unlikely to deliver a favorable outcome. Try an invitation for a specific date with a conversation explaining why it is so important to you. Try not to be too upset if your request is met with the litany of how hard they are working and the many demands their lives require.  But you will know what their priorities are, and what a big mistake they are making.

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Take No for an Answer

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Dear Short Answers:
Is it impolite to ask a good friend why they have stopped drinking?  It’s something we used to enjoy together but whenever I ask, she changes the subject.
Miss My Drinking Buddy

Dear Buddy:
ES it is impolite. In general, people who drank enough to have drinking buddies quit because they realize it has become a problem.  To continue to push the issue is not only rude, it suggests that you also have a problem.

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