Selective Hearing

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Dear Short Answers:
Over the past several years my husband seems to be losing his hearing.  At least he doesn’t seem to hear me when I speak to him.  But I think he is faking because he hears everybody else just fine.  Should I play along with his little game or demand that he get a hearing test to prove that I’m right?Unheard

Dear Unheard:
A test that proves that he can hear, tells you what? Think about that one.

We Hope You Feel Better

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Dear Short Answers:
In my lifetime, Christmas has always been more commercial than spiritual, but from where I sit, we have reached a tipping point. It is so commercial that when I wish someone a Merry Christmas I don’t even know what I mean.  I feel like asking everyone who says it to me what they mean — more, better presents? Or is that rude?

Dear Sad:
Yes.  It is rude to put an unsuspecting well wisher on the defensive. Start with yourself. Perhaps your first step is to find some hope and joy in the holidays for yourself. Then share it.

Balancing Act

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Dear Short Answers:
Do you think it matters if the husband (or wife) makes vastly more money than their spouse? Is it hard on the marriage?

Dear Affianced:
Everything is hard on marriages but working it out is the most satisfying game in town. Differences in earning power is just that — power. It tilts the balance toward the higher earner but power/money worn with grace is delicious.

Personally Speaking

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Dear Short Answers:
What is the problem between the USA and Cuba?

Dear Puzzled:
This probably depends on who you are asking the question of, but, personally, we have no problem at all.

Call It Like You See It

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Dear Short Answers:
My brother keeps telling me that his wife is intimidated by me. My answer is “of course she is — but why is this my problem?”
Sister Woman

Dear Sister Woman:
We like your style but don’t be surprised if the air gets chill.

Writer’s Rule

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Dear Short Answers:
What is the proper procedure to list  relatives when a 92-year old mother passes away?In my husband’s mother’s obituary, his name as son was listed, then after his name, the name of his first wife (deceased), then my name.  He was DIVORCED from his first wife in 1994 and then, she died 6 years AFTER  their divorce. Neither he nor I were happy that her name was even listed.   He does have two grown children from that marriage, but it was not a pleasant divorce from what I heard.  And he has moved on and we have been married for over 10 years now. I am sure this is going to come up again, as we are older and there will be more family funerals. Thank you for your help!

Dear Luci:
As far as we know there is no “proper” format to an obit.  We advise you to not fret about it and write your own and your husband’s as you wish it to be — well ahead of your date with destiny.

Don’t Get Angry, Get Even

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Dear Short Answers:
I know for a fact that as a woman I make less money than the men at work who have exactly the same job. I have talked to HR but they deny that this is true and of course refuse to tell me what the other people make.  Should I keep complaining and stick it out or quit and find a place that understands women should get paid the same as men?
Pissed Off

Dear PO:
You have made your point and your company has answered.  Find a place that values your contribution equally to that of a man’s and go there as fast as you possibly can.

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Matter of Life and Death

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Dear Short Answers:
I am so afraid that my niece is into seriously heavy drugs but my sister (her mother) refuses to listen to me. Is there anything else I should be doing to try to help or do I just need to stay out of this horrible situation?
Scared Auntie

Dear Scared:
We think you should blow the whistle again. And again until somebody listens. Is there a dad around? An uncle? A teacher or clergy? Have you spoken to your niece to let her know you are on to her? If you are correct, inaction could be disasterous. Please understand that everyone’s first instinct is likely to be “shoot the messenger” but you have to decide how far you are prepared to go. Good luck.

Wrong Issue

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband and I have had dogs our entire married life but now that we are retired I would like to travel more and taking dogs with us is not always a good option. As our current dogs get older and more frail, my husband wants to get a new puppy but I am adamantly opposed.  I know that we can kennel them when we travel but that is still limited not to mention expensive.  Am I wrong to feel this way?

Dear Sue:
We don’t think this is just about dogs.  Could it be that your husband is not that interested in travel and dogs at home is a really good excuse not to travel? Perhaps that is what you should be discussing with hubby.


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Dear Short Answers:
Do you think that when this election is over women will finally have real equal rights? Or is it going to get even worse?
Getting Nervous

Dear Nervous:
Well, now the election is over, and we think it is likely to get worse.

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