Party Pooper

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Dear Short Answers:
A good friend is turning 65. I told her “it’s all downhill from here.”  Now she is mad. I think she just can’t handle the truth.
Over 65

Dear Over 65:
Not every truth need be told.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

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Dear Short Answers:
Can a relationship between a 50-year old woman and a 35-year old man possibly last? There is no money involved — neither has any — but I worry my friend (the 50-year old woman) is headed for heartbreak. What do you think?
A Good Friend

Dear friend:
Yes, we think it could last, but that may not be the point. If your friend is happy, be happy.

Evening Activities for the 21st Century

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Dear Short Answers:
My friend is drinking way too much. He says it’s TRUMP. Is that a good enough reason to get loaded every single night?

Dear Bob:
Its a very good reason, it’s just not a solution. Tell him to cut it out and join the RESISTANCE.

Equal Rights

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Dear Short Answers:
Can dogs and cats be gay?
Inquiring Mind

Dear Inquiring:
Yes they can!

The Art of the Relationship

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Dear Short Answers:
My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year and we have been talking about moving in together. His apartment is much nicer than mine so that is where we would live.  The only problem is his bed.  He has one of those fancy foam mattresses.  He adores it but I can’t stand it and can barely sleep when I stay at his place.  He keeps telling me that I will learn to love it but I know that I won’t.  He refuses to give it up because he says he had problems sleeping before he got it and this mattress has changed his life.  What do I do?

Dear Marie:
If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Come on child, this one is easy!

In a Word

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Dear Short Answers:
I don’t have a great memory for remembering peopleif I only met them at a big party or something.  Sometimes when I introduce myself to someone, they say “We met before at so-and-so’s party.” And I will apologize for not remembering. Unless, of course, I didn’t go to so-and-so’s party and I will say they must be mistaken. But the other night at a party, I introduced myself to someone and she said “Oh no, we met at my husband’s memorial service last May.”  I didn’t know what to say because I did not know her husband and I definitely did not attend his memorial service.  So I just smiled and apologized.  It seemed rude under these circumstances to correct the widow but I was still lying.  Was I wrong to do what I did?

Dear Maddy:

Hang in…

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Dear Short Answers:
I have long expected that my son was gay but I always assumed that he would tell me when he was ready. But recently, I ran into the parents of one of his classmates at the grocery store and they casually mentioned how wonderful it was that MY son is dating THEIR son! Of course I hinted about this news to my son but he pretended not to know what I was talking about. I don’t want to confront him directly and I want him to know that this is all okay but I don’t want him to keep hiding this from me either. Am I doing something wrong as a parent?
Just Want to help

Dear JWH,
Give him time. Patience, in our experience, yields unexpected bounty.

Try Again

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Dear Short Answers:
I have never gotten along very well with my in-laws even though I try as hard as I possibly can. Something always seems to go wrong. So this year my husband has suggested that instead of the family (we have 2 children) spending Christmas Eve at his parents and Christmas Day at my parents, he take the kids to his parents by himself and joins me the next day.  At first, this didn’t sound like a bad idea but as I think about it, it doesn’t sound good. I don’t want to get even further estranged from his parents and teach the kids that this is an acceptable way for families to solve their “problems.”  What do you think we should do?

Dear Uncomfortable:
You have good instincts. Ask your husband for help with his folks.

Strings Attached

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Dear Short Answers:
My niece recently became pregnant and decided to name her baby after me. I was thrilled at first  since we were never really that close but now I realize that along with the “honor,” came a financial expectation.  My niece has asked me if I would buy a carseat, a stroller and a crib.  She also wants me to host a baby shower for her. So far, I have done what my niece asked but I’m not sure what is coming next. I don’t have kids of my own so maybe my niece is just trying to get me involved.  But is this kind of thing normal?

Dear Auntie:
NORMAL? No such thing. However, this does feel atypical. We suggest YOU decide what feels right to you and then have a conversation with your niece before the baby is born. You need to know what she expects going forward. If it is more than you can handle say so now.

Play with Fire

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Dear Short Answers:
Is it possible for a “heavy” social drinker and a recovering alcoholic to live together?

Dear Pat:
Possible? Yes. But we think it’s a bad idea — at best irritating, at worst, dangerous.

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