All’s Fair

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Dear Short Answers:
How do you tell your boyfriend that the only reason you hang around him is because you have a crush on his sister???

Dear KLT:
Siblings are a time honored form of Date Bait.  If you must spell it out for him (and are you sure you must?).  Please be kind.

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Moving Forward

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Dear Short Answers:
I don’t think that the major rift in my family over this past election is going to heal any time soon.  Any advice?

Dear Tense:
Don’t confuse argument with principle.  Commitment is a matter of belief and action.  No where is it written that you must air your views in all circumstances. You can live free without engaging family.  Once you signal to them that no more discussion is required, and that your own snark is under control, civility should return. Presuming that is a shared value.

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Truth and Consequences

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Dear Short Answers:
It’s already New Year’s Eve and I have not received a single thank you note or phone call from any of my 7 nieces and nephews who I bought significant Christmas gifts for.  Should I just keep waiting?  Or complain to their parents?

Dear Uncle:
Cool your jets. Talk to us again in a few weeks. If your gifts have still not been acknowledged, try writing your ill-mannered kin a clear but affectionate, and hopefully amusing, note about your expectations. If a response is not forthcoming, you may feel free to adjust your gift giving accordingly.


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Dear Short Answers:
When he turned 65, my husband decided he was going to be brutally “honest” with everybody he knows.  This basically means that he criticizes everything and everybody.  When a waitress asks him if he enjoyed his dinner, he says, “I thought the fish was too dry and the vegetables just okay.”  When a friend shows off a new car he says “are you sure you wanted it in this color?”  He is driving me crazy!  How do I make him stop? He “claims” that he is just telling the truth.  I don’t know what has gotten into him.

Dear E:
Perhaps you can tell your hubby that although you value his ruthless honestly, it is not to be shared indiscriminately.  Like Tabasco.

Married to the Blob

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Dear Short Answers:
How do you deal with a husband who is getting fatter and lazier as he gets older?  Do I keep pushing him to go to the gym and get out of the house?  Or do I finally just give up and find new friends and new ways to entertain myself?
Still Active

Dear Active:
We know of very few cases in which pressure by one spouse to exercise, diet, or change a life-long pattern results in happiness or satisfaction for either.

Managed Expectations

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Dear short Answers:
What is Courtship?

Dear Novice:
Courtship is a short period that accompanies falling  in love during which no courtesy or gesture of love is spared. It is, if you will, a mating dance that is highly pleasurable and entertaining and should be cherished but not in any way construed as a contract for life.

Lighten Up

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband has the worst table manners I have ever seen and I don’t know what to do about it.  You can tell me to just ignore it but I am afraid that our friends won’t invite us over for dinner parties anymore because they are disgusted when they see him picking his teeth or eating with his fingers.  Is divorce the only answer?
Makes Me Sick, Too

Dear Sick:
Is it possible that you care about this more than your friends? We think that your friends will overlook this if they really care about the two of you. Frankly, we have overlooked a lot worse. Don’t worry, be happy.

Long May It Reign

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Dear Short Answers:
What is courtship?

Dear Dean:
Courtship is that wonderful time at the beginning of a relationship when at least one of you is head over heels in love and everyone is as nice as they can possibly be to the other.  No gesture is spared and romantic feelings abound.  Hopefully, the residual habits of love and kindness live on.

Fight Back!

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Dear Short Answers:
I’m single and happy,  which is great for me but all my friends are married with small kids and this time of year I get those cards with a zillion pictures of the kids.  It makes me feel like I can’t play this game. What should I do?  I used to just ignore it but I would like to let them know that I am not pinning away for their lives.
Smiling Sue

Dear Sue:
How about sending them an accorrdion of snapshots of you doing all the things you have enjoyed this year that they have only dreamed of!

Selective Hearing

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Dear Short Answers:
Over the past several years my husband seems to be losing his hearing.  At least he doesn’t seem to hear me when I speak to him.  But I think he is faking because he hears everybody else just fine.  Should I play along with his little game or demand that he get a hearing test to prove that I’m right?Unheard

Dear Unheard:
A test that proves that he can hear, tells you what? Think about that one.

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