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Dear Short Answers:
It seems like I have a lot of friends who are getting serious illnesses these days.  (Maybe it’s because we’re all getting older!)  They post regular updates on Facebook but I never know what to say other than “get well soon” or “sending love in your direction!”  That seems too weak a response to someone who just announced that they have cancer or need a lung transplant.  Can you think of something more sensitive sounding?
Response Challenge

Dear Response:
ur view is that if you have an empathetic, caring reaction to someone’s trouble, of any kind, FB is not the place to share that feeling. Try a phone call or an email or a private message.  Nothing wrong with “sending love” or likes but the vehicle is not personal.

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Friends Don’t Let Friends

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Dear Short Answers:
My friend and I were shopping last week at the mall and went we got home I found out that she had stolen a bra from one of the stores we were at.  I was shocked but she explained to me that she bought a lot of clothes there and that they have made a lot of money off her so this was her “reward” for being a good customer.  I’m not sure what to say and what to do.  If I report her to the store she might get in real trouble but if I do nothing it’s like I’m agreeing with her strange point of view.  Advice?
Witness to the Crime

Dear Witness:
This isn’t Sherwood forest and she isn’t Robin Hood. Tell her that here on planet earth, stealing is still stealing, and that you don’t like it.

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And Don’t Tell Me to Take a Chill Pill

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Dear Short Answers:
Why is everyone so angry?
We the People

Dear People:
Seriously, we think some people are angry because they feel very vulnerable right here in the USA. Others are angry because they have great empathy for those who are vulnerable. And some are angry because the current environment supports anger and does not place a high value on civility.

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Defer, Delay, Deflect

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Dear Short Answers:
Last summer, two other married couples joined my husband and I on a two week trip to France. It started out well but by the end of the trip none of us were speaking to each other. One of the couples is now suggesting that we do it again next summer in Italy. My husband and I have avoided the topic whenever it comes up but now it’s getting awkward. They clearly must remember the trip differently than we do. Should we continue to deflect their invitations? Or do we simply tell them that we will never ever under any circumstances go on a trip with them again?
Feeling Pressured

Dear Pressured:
No reason to tell all — just tell them you want to vacation alone this year.

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Sorry Darling, It Doesn’t Sound Promising

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Dear Short Answers:
I recently met a girl that I really like a lot. But every time I send her an email it takes her several days to respond. And her excuse is always the same — “your email got sent to my junk folder!!!”  Do you think she is just playing hard to get or is this her way to avoid me without hurting my feelings?
Sill Waiting

Dear Waiting:
It is possible,but in our experience, it isn’t hard for two people to communicate these days. A message that goes into junk once is easily corrected for future.

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Final Gotcha

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Dear Short Answers:
My sister and I have always had a friendly rivalry about which one of us our mother liked the best. When mom passed away a few months ago she gave all her money to the local library. Do you think she did this because she didn’t like either of us?
#1 Sister

Dear #1:
Yes. There are probably other explanations but we are going with yours.

Meaningful Addition

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Dear Short Answers:
What is extended family?
Just Wondering

Dear Wondering:
We think that extended family includes blood relatives, in-laws, outlaws, and friends.  It is as many people as your heart can carry.

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Transition Blues

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband retired 2 years ago and is making my life miserable.  The problem is that he can’t seem to do anything without me.  He follows me around like a lonely puppy and constantly asks me what I’m doing and where I’m going.  He’s not checking up on me, he just wants to know so that he can come along.  I love him and want him to be happy but I can’t figure out how to handle this “phase” of his life.  Help!!!!!
Independent Wife

Dear Independent:
This is not uncommon. Of course you should encourage him to find new interests, and perhaps help him get started identifying possibilities.  If that doesn’t work, then explain to him, kindly, that your happiness requires some independence from him and take it.

Antidote for Boredom

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Dear Short Answers:
Why is schooling important?

Dear Student:
If you mean education, it is important because it makes the world available to you: Arts, Travel, Adventure, Work Opportunity and perhaps most important, the expansive nature of your own mind.

Suspend Disbelief

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband and I recently decided that we should start having a family.  But given the horrible state of the world today we are having second thoughts.  Do you think it is selfish of us to have a child when the world is in such turmoil?

Dear Mom2B:
Just exactly when do you imagine that the world was NOT in a state of turmoil?  Parenthood has always been, and will always be, an act of great courage and hopefulness.

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