Hey, that’s No Way to Say “Hello”

Dear Short Answers: I recently sent out invitations for a dinner party that I was planning and I just didn’t feel like getting into the hassle of everybody’s ridiculous dietary restrictions these days. So I included a note listing what I was planning to serve and at the bottom of the note I put, “If […]

Boomerang Blues

Dear Short Answers:Our son just moved back home after living on his own for several years in another city. He is an adult now and we try not to make too many rules but he and his girlfriend were having a VERY good time this weekend and the sounds were “uncomfortable” for us and kept […]

Trouble Maker

Dear Short Answers: I am having a dinner party in a couple of weeks and can only invite 6 people (my table only seats 8). If there are 2 couples where I like one person and not the other — do I really need to invite them as couples? It’s my party, why can’t I […]

Equal Opportunity

Dear Short Answers: All of a sudden, it seems that girls have started to swear as much as boys and I find it very upsetting. They tell dirty jokes and talk about their body parts in the most shocking ways. Is this just a passing trend or is this what women’s liberation has turned into? […]

It’s About (Old) Fashion

Dear Short Answers: My niece graduated from high school last June and her mother recently sent me a link to the high school photographer’s website so that I can order photos. When I went to the site, I was absolutely appalled. It’s practically pornographic.  Some girls are in swim suits.  Some are in suggestive poses.  […]

Other People’s Children

Dear Short Answers A good friend of mine has a 12-year child (a girl) who is a complete pain in the ass. She’s snotty, loud and annoying. No one I know can stand to be around her but, of course, the parents take her everywhere. How do I “nicely” tell my friend that his daughter […]


Dear Short Answers: I am very close friends with a couple whose son graduated from college last year. They agreed to let him come back home to live if he got a full-time job in town. I found out through another friend that the son quit his job months ago and has been pretending to […]

Narcissistic Rage

Dear Short Answers: I had lunch a few weeks ago with a group of college friends (we’re all in our 50’s now). We were having a great time until one of the group (who is still very athletic and in amazing physical condition) decided that he wanted the waitress to “guess our ages.” Now, of […]

Not All Friendships Are Created Equal

Dear Short Answers: I am a 50-year old married female, and two of my friends, whom I’ve know for years, spend a lot of time together socially. This comes as no surprise since their husbands are also friends, so together, they are a great foursome. My friends often make plans without husbands and on occasion, […]

No Way Out

Dear Short Answers: My girl friend thinks she is hotter than she is and tells me that I don’t appreciate her.  Should I tell her the truth? Damned If You Do; Damned If You Don’t Dear Damned: Yep, you’re right. Like Unlike

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