Would Like to Help

Dear Short Answers: I have a friend who acknowledges she has a drinking problem that clearly affects her life but she will not stop.  Is there nything I can do? Watching from the sidelines Dear Watching: There is nothing you can do  to make her stop,but a gentle reminder from time to time that “her […]

They Come in Pairs

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I are very good friends with another couple. We used to get together for dinner every month or so. But lately, the husband gets so drunk at dinner that he is extremely unpleasant to be around. We spoke to his wife about this and she was very defensive. Last […]

Eat, Drink, Merry?

Dear Short Answers: I was recently diagnosed with diabetes so I have to be very careful about what I eat and drink (especially alcohol). Consequently, I only have liquor about once a week. Of course, my sudden abstinence surprises my friends and they think I am a recovering alcoholic. Then they see me drink at […]

Double Happiness

Dear Short Answers: Is it better to choose alcoholism, or homosexuality?  Which gets you happier? Waiting for an Answer Dear Waiting: Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

One for the Road?

Dear Short Answers: I have a friend who is beginning to drink too much. Don’t know how to handle the situation. Do you? Over-served Dear Over: You could share your observation….in a sober moment, of course, but it is unlikely to effect the outcome. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

The National Drug of Preference

Dear Short Answers: How much is too much when it comes to drinking alcohol? Need Limits Dear Limits: When alcohol interferes with your life, it’s way too much.  Unfortunately most people can’t see it for themselves.  If you think you have a problem, you probably do.  If you drink more than those around you–it is […]

No Excuses

Dear Short Answers: How do you explain to people why you don’t drink without acknowledging your were a drunk? On the Wagon Dear On: Sometimes the less said, the better. Like Unlike

New Wife, New Life?

Dear Short Answers: I am dating a wonderful, understanding woman who I think could become my second wife. How many details of my previous marriage–to an unstable, alcoholic wife who I continue to have contact with regarding our kids–should I share with her? Past Sins Dear Past: Tell her the truth about your first marriage.  It […]