All the Power, All the Glory

Dear Short Answers: I recently got a temporary job through a friend who had been promoted to the head of her department. We met 10 years ago when she was less experienced than I, but our careers have taken different paths.  Now, I am working for her. It’s not that I’m not incredibly grateful but [...]

When Hell Freezes Over

Dear Short Answers: When will my employer let me take the entire summer off? Over-worked Dear Over: Never.  We  don’t think you understand why they call it “work.” Like Unlike

Why Everyone Needs Personal Stationary

Dear Short Answers: Ever since my boss found out that I’m a lesbian, he brings it up all the time. Not in a mean way–he just mentions it and asks me questions. I find it annoying but am too embarrassed to ask him to stop. I’ve jokingly asked him to stop but that didn’t work. [...]

The New Administration

Dear Short Answers: I’ve got a new boss starting on Monday. I had a great relationship with my old boss. I only hear bad things about this new one. What  do I do to start this right? Advice? Apprehensive Dear App: A new boss means you are re-applying for your job.  Be cheerful, enthusiastic, helpful [...]

Observe and Take Notes

Dear Short Answers: How do I know if my boss is telling the truth? Skeptical Dear Skeptical: The truth about what?  People tend to be consistent: observe his behavior about things great and small and you will know who you are dealing with. Like Unlike

Speaking Volumes

Dear Short Answers: I work with a talented guy (I’m his boss, actually) who just happens to have a pretty significant stutter. Certainly, his work speaks for itself (and without a stutter) but his lingual issue often creates some significant discomfort when he presents work to a client for the first time. I’ve watched the [...]

A New World Waiting…

Dear Short Answers: I’ve got a boss who isn’t a bad guy but is basically an impediment to letting me do my best work. How long do I stick it out and continue to try before I just go work someplace else? I love the people here. But I do believe that I will do [...]

First Things First

Dear Short Answers: After I had my son (I’m a single mother), I went back to school and got my BS degree at the age of 45.  When I returned to the workforce, I applied for an Executive Assistant position in an advertising agency. I only wanted to be an EA for 2 years with [...]

Even Paranoids Have Real Enemies…

Dear Short Answers: I report to the President of a small company — 25 employees. She has become personal friends with one of my young direct reports whom she often includes in casual lunch plans (without me). I feel that this relationship undermines my position but don’t know how to address it. Am I being [...]

Gentle/ Clear/Firm

Dear Short Answers: My law partner is 67 and is getting increasingly cranky. We have done everything to accommodate him, but nothing works. He has no interests, hobbies or friends. The lawyers at the firm want to know: how do you deal with an aging, unproductive partner — with unreasonable financial expectations? Will Do the [...]

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