In or Out

Dear Short Answers: I just found out that a really good friend of mine made some porno movies that are on the internet. It took me a while but I finally found them and it turned out to be gay porno. I never knew that my friend had sex with dudes. But now that I [...]

Walking Wounded

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me 2 weeks ago. He had just started college in another state.  He said it wasn’t another girl or anything, but he just didn’t know if he loved me anymore. Since I haven’t seen him, my mind is in denial. I still think of [...]

Just Call Me “Luv”

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend and I have lived together for almost 4 years and we plan to get married as soon as both of us get a job. The problem is that at least once a month he calls me by his ex-wife’s name (our names are nowhere near similar). They were married for [...]

Can’t Walk and Chew Gum

Dear Shorty: After three years of a relationship with a man (2 as a couple, 1 ‘open’), we have come back together to forge something better, monogamously committed yet both with our own lives and kids to attend to. We see each other less than we did in the early days but it is wonderful. [...]

It’s Called Trust

Dear Short Answers: My girlfriend is pregnant and she’s trying to make me believe that I’m the father but I don’t think I am. I know she has slept with other guys. I think she just wants money and I asked around and she has asked the other guys for money too. Do I owe [...]

Fork in the Road

Dear Short Answers: I have been in a relationship for three years with a guy I have known since Kindergarten. We were in love through the first year or so of our relationship but now, it seems the fire has died (so to speak). I have tried to tell him several times that I just [...]

Not Feeling the Love

Dear Short Answers: How do i know if a person that lives with me loves me like i do them and wants to progress in a relationship? roommate Dear Roomie: If you live with a person and don’t know how they feel about you this sounds like a problem.  Perhaps you need to have a [...]

Family Affairs

Dear Short Answers: My family hates my boyfriend so i have been hiding it from them and saying that we are just friends.   But i don’t want to do that anymore because i feel that it isn’t right to them.  But i don’t want my family to be disappointed in me. What should i [...]

Oh Dear…

Dear ShortAnswers: I met a really nice guy with a riotous sense of humor recently. But now he wants to send me pornographic photos of him and one of my oldest friends. How do I respond? Pants still on Dear Pants: This is  BIG clue. Don’t respond AT all unless you are interested in something [...]

Lots of Fish…

Dear Short Answers: I briefly hung out with this guy that I met on a dating website. It was fun, but there wasn’t a huge connection. I thought he was cute, but pretty shallow. Anyway, we made out and then sort of stopped hanging out. Now I see him on the train, like EVERY MORNING. [...]

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