Dues Paid

Dear Short Answers: Hillary Clinton is the most popular politician in America. Why is that? Wondering Why Dear WW: It’s a country western song!  She suffered many indignities (most hated first lady, cheating husband, working for her former adversary) and held  it together  with  some grace. Not to mention raising a lovely daughter in the [...]

Flashing Red!

Dear Short Answers: He’s 49, I’m 27. We are both married. The whole deal is hotter and more unlikely than you can possibly imagine. But I would never leave my husband — not for him; not for anyone. I think he still loves his wife and certainly his children.  What should I do? Overcome Dear [...]

Wishful Dreaming

Dear Short Answers: Is there any way to sleep with my co-worker without losing my boyfriend in the process? Carole Dear Carole: We don’t know of an answer to your question that is not hurtful or self destructive, but if you figure it out, please let us know! Like Unlike

Worried Wanderer

Dear Short Answers: I’ve been in a great relationship for the past two years. I really love him and have never been happier. The problem is that I’ve always had a wandering eye. I’ve never cheated on him, or even come close, but I’ve cheated on guys in the past, and I do develop crushes [...]

It Depends on What You Think “It” Is

Dear Short Answers: I think my boyfriend is checking his texts … while we are having sex!!!! Does this mean he is cheating? Hold the Phone Dear Hold: Well, you certainly don’t have his full attention.  And if you think that it cheating — it’s cheating. BUT we think it is probably a simple case [...]

Some Suffering Is Optional

Dear Short Answers: Ten years ago I had a long-term relationship and was cheated on. The woman he cheated with is now a friend of one of my best friends. This was a bad situation I never could forgive.  And it now poses socially awkward situations if my friend and I bump into her. I [...]

The Best Defense

Dear Short Answers: In the small town where I live, I have a large group of friends.  Some of us are single, others are married (or on their 2nd or 3rd marriage). A couple of them have started to hint that they would like to introduce “sex” into the group. I’m not exactly sure what [...]

Truth Be Told?

Dear Short Answers: I am short on time and have committed to bake some homemade desserts for a fundraiser at church tomorrow.  Mrs. Smith’s pies are REALLY great!!  Is this cheating? I would be “baking” them at home. Spinning Jenny Dear SJ: NO it’s not cheating.  And depending on your baking skills, it could be [...]

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Dear Short Answers: A friend of mine has started to collect money to help the hurricane victims in New England. The problem is that I’m pretty sure that he’s not really going to send it to New England. He’s going to spend it on himself. I don’t have proof — just a feeling. He has [...]

Oh Please…

Dear Short Answers: My best friend recently got married for the second time. I’m truly happy for him and want this marriage to succeed (his first marriage was a disaster). The problem is that I really, really find his new wife attractive and I think she feels the same way about me. I can tell [...]

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