Since He Asked…

Dear Short Answers: My brother is having a hard time getting over his most recent girl friend.  He is in his 40’s and has had a number of long relationships.  He wants my advice on when to start dating again.  How recovered should you be before heading back out into the dating world? My Place […]

An Inconvenient Truth

Dear Short Answers: I have two sons (age 4 & 6) from a marriage that ended very badly. Their father and I barely speak although we do have joint custody. I love my sons but I am more and more depressed about my life. Boyfriends are afraid of a woman with 2 kids.  And I […]

Take Charge…

Dear Short Answers: All my husband and i do is fight.  We haven’t had sex in almost 2 years. At one point, he told me i had repulsed him…he continues to avoid me and i feel like he may be cheating. Living Hell Dear Living: Well, it doesn’t sound good.  If you want this marriage […]

Family Matters

Dear Short Answers: I divorced a bitter, controlling drunk about 9 yrs ago. We had 2 girls and one has Downs Syndrome. The younger one lives with me full time while ex has guardianship of the other one. He has accused many of my family members of unthinkable deeds — that all have been unfounded. […]

Dead Beat Dad

Dear ShortAnswers: My ex stopped paying child support over three years ago.  Now that I have lost my job this makes things even harder.  Sacrificing my living space now to house sit so I can cover school fees for our daughter, I keep thinking of the 60k accumulated in arrears that would help so much. […]

You Go Girl!

Dear Shortanswers: For the past 7 years, my husband has been saying that he is going to get his life in order. Now we have children and life is still the same.  He is in a job that doesn’t pay, he drinks way too much, and we never have sex. I stay because of the […]


Dear ShortAnswers: My husband of 25 years just told me he is going to an Ashram in January for a month.  Should I be worried? Dear Worried: Yes.  Sounds like he is leaving you and is trying to figure out how. Like Unlike

Addicted to Alimony

Dear ShortAnswer:I am recently divorced and basically gave it all away .  Guilt?  Stupidity?  Who knows.  I am now in love with a wonderful woman who is addicted to her alimony.  I think she loves me but she also loves her lifestyle.  The “ex” pays less happily (or regularly) since I came on the scene.  […]