Dues Paid

Dear Short Answers: Hillary Clinton is the most popular politician in America. Why is that? Wondering Why Dear WW: It’s a country western song!  She suffered many indignities (most hated first lady, cheating husband, working for her former adversary) and held  it together  with  some grace. Not to mention raising a lovely daughter in the [...]

Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish

Dear Short Answers: My wife was very ambitious on my behalf.  It’s a little more complicated than just blind ambition but I did something terrible to please her. Then she did something terrible, and now I feel like something terrible is about ready to happen to me.  Also, I think I am hallucinating — ghosts, [...]

Risky Business

Dear Short Answers: A few months ago, I volunteered to construct a family tree for all the members of my extended family. As part of the research, I asked everybody in the family to fill out a questionnaire so that I could get started researching online. Nobody batted an eye — and everybody gave me [...]

Sticky Wicket

Dear Short Answers: My uncle died a couple of weeks ago and I am his closest living relative — even though we were never close. He left a little bit of money plus a house and an insurance policy. Everything was left to me. The problem is that there are other relatives who actually were [...]

Money, Mom and Management

Dear Short Answers: I have owned a business with my life partner for the last 8 years. During that time we have had numerous employees. One of those employees happens to be my elderly mother (70′s) who did our bookkeeping.  She moved (400 miles) away from her home town to help us out.  My partner [...]

Family Feeling

Dear Short Answers: What do you do if you really can’t stand your spouse’s family. I mean really totally absolutely hate them and can’t stand to be in the same room with them. And, believe me, I have very good reasons for this. If I tell them what I feel, they will never ask me [...]

Tough Love

Dear Short Answers: I found out last week that my niece (who is 20 years old) has had problems with heroine and has actually been arrested several times. I have 2 children (16 & 18) and I don’t want them associating with their cousin. This isn’t punative, it’s just common sense, I think. My brother [...]

No Dog in This Fight

Dear Short Answers: My parents are very unsophisticated people who are quite uncomfortable in “high class” places. They don’t have the right clothes and never seem to know the right things to say. The problem is that my sister (who has done very well for herself) insists on inviting them to fancy dinners and taking [...]

Goodbye to That…

Dear Short Answers: My brother and I are at odds. He is 60 and I am 52.  Our mother is 81 and, even though she still lives on her own, my brother yells at her all the time and tells her she is stupid. He insists that she run everything she does by him and [...]

Dear Old Dad

Dear Short Answers: After 25 years of marriage my parents recently got divorced. That was bad enough but I have also found out secrets about my dad that I never knew. He was married and had a kid before he met my mom. And he might have even been in jail although I’m not completely [...]

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