Hey, that’s No Way to Say “Hello”

Dear Short Answers: I recently sent out invitations for a dinner party that I was planning and I just didn’t feel like getting into the hassle of everybody’s ridiculous dietary restrictions these days. So I included a note listing what I was planning to serve and at the bottom of the note I put, “If [...]

To Beef or Not to Beef

Dear Short Answers: I’m trying to figure out whether I should become a vegetarian. I am appalled by the treatment of most farm animals so I will stop eating meat for a couple of weeks. Then somebody convinces me that man is supposed to eat meat and I fall off the wagon and have a [...]

Make It Stop!

Dear Short Answers: Since airlines have stopped serving meals more people seem to be boarding with steaming, smelly cartons of airport junk food. I actually saw a woman spill hot coffee on a seated passenger as she struggled with her carry on and what appeared to be a 5-course meal. HELP Weary Road Warrior Dear [...]

Blame Julia

Dear Short Answers: When throwing a dinner party, how much do I really have to pay attention to everyone’s dietary restrictions? Between the gluten-free people, the dairy-free people, the fat-free people, the salt-free people, the sugar-free people, the vegetarians and the vegans, I don’t know what to cook anymore … steamed vegetables? What’s the answer? [...]

Thinness Is a Drug

Dear Short Answers: I lost 5 pounds last week and I am happier than I’ve been in a year.  Is this crazy? So Thin, So Beautiful Dear T&B: We’ve been there and understand the high. But know this: 5 pounds in one week is probably not sustainable.  Enjoy it while you can, try to keep [...]

Birds of a Feather

Dear Short Answers: What is a chemical bond? Susie Dear Susie: A chemical bond is when the primary connection between people is a propensity to alcohol, drugs or gluten free foods. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Hungry Eyes?

Dear Short Answers: What should I have for dinner? It’s Still Early Dear Early: It’s  your dinner Darling, have anything you want. Like Unlike

Lighten Up (sic) Department

Dear Short Answers: Now that the holidays are here, I am getting sick and tired of people pushing me to eat and drink too much. When I say that I am dieting or that I only allow myself one drink per day, I get chastised for being a “Grinch.” “This isn’t the season to diet!” [...]

Truth Be Told?

Dear Short Answers: I am short on time and have committed to bake some homemade desserts for a fundraiser at church tomorrow.  Mrs. Smith’s pies are REALLY great!!  Is this cheating? I would be “baking” them at home. Spinning Jenny Dear SJ: NO it’s not cheating.  And depending on your baking skills, it could be [...]

A Weighty Issue

Dear Short Answers: A new family recently moved into our neighborhood and they seem like very nice people. The problem is that both parents are very heavy and they are raising 2 children (ages 8 and 10) who are on the same path to obesity. Is there anything that I can do to help? Yes, [...]

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