The Season of the Bitch/Summer Entertaining

Dear Short Answers: I am very allergic to cats and usually make that clear to people when they invite me to a party or dinner in their homes. A couple of days ago, I went to a dinner party at the home of a new acquaintance who SWORE she did not have any cats. Apparently, [...]

When Less Is More

Dear Short Answers: I have a very heavyset friend who loves to go out to dinner at those disgusting all-you-can-eat places. I’ve tried to reason with him and even alternate restaurant choices. But even once at a giant open buffet is enough to make me sick. How do I make him stop and eat like [...]

Mountain Out of Molehill

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I were invited to a dinner party at 7 pm. At 8:45, there was still no sign of food, so my husband asked the hostess when she was planning on serving dinner. She was so insulted that we had to leave. I wouldn’t have said anything but I agree [...]

He’s not worth it…

Dear Short Answers: About brunch last Sunday…. It was a beautiful day and I volunteered to make a lovely omelet and spinach salad for my friend. He wolfed down cheese and crackers, chips, tomatoes — going into the fridge to help himself to anything. OK. We are friends. He was very chatty. Things seemed amiable. [...]

Department of “Let Us Know”

Dear Short Answers: If you eat a lot of carrots will your skin turn a different color? Pink, Currently Dear PC: What color are you hoping to be? Try it…. Like Unlike

No Joking Matter

Dear Short Answers: My colleague takes EVERYTHING too seriously. The other day I jokingly told her that grapes have the most carbs of all fruits. It was just a fun fact. I didn’t say grapes were bad for you or that they’re gonna make you blow up.  Just that they had a surprising number of [...]


Dear Short Answers: One of my colleagues comments on EVERYTHING I eat. He told me today that the grapes I’m eating have a lot of carbs in them. Seriously? How do I deal? Indigestion Dear In: Tell him (sweetly) that a few extra carbs are easily managed, but that bad manners is a permanent problem. [...]

In a Word…revised April 2011

Dear Short Answers: Is it okay to go to the gym and then eat a really unhealthy snack later on in the day, like a doughnut? I feel like it is justified but did I just waste my hour of cardio? Still trying Dear Still: An hour at the gym is always a good thing [...]

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