Other People’s Children

Dear Short Answers A good friend of mine has a 12-year child (a girl) who is a complete pain in the ass. She’s snotty, loud and annoying. No one I know can stand to be around her but, of course, the parents take her everywhere. How do I “nicely” tell my friend that his daughter […]

Oh Please…

Dear Short Answers: My best friend recently got married for the second time. I’m truly happy for him and want this marriage to succeed (his first marriage was a disaster). The problem is that I really, really find his new wife attractive and I think she feels the same way about me. I can tell […]

When In Doubt

Dear Short Answers: Lately, a friend of many years has been reinventing history and saying nasty things to me about her memories of our school days (over 25 years ago), such as “you never could write” or “I was a better student than you.” These comments come out of the blue and not only have […]

Not All Friendships Are Created Equal

Dear Short Answers: I am a 50-year old married female, and two of my friends, whom I’ve know for years, spend a lot of time together socially. This comes as no surprise since their husbands are also friends, so together, they are a great foursome. My friends often make plans without husbands and on occasion, […]

Would Like to Help

Dear Short Answers: I have a friend who acknowledges she has a drinking problem that clearly affects her life but she will not stop.  Is there nything I can do? Watching from the sidelines Dear Watching: There is nothing you can do  to make her stop,but a gentle reminder from time to time that “her […]

Give the Girl a Break

Dear Short Answers: I have had a friend for many years who has always been extremely overweight. She recently started to lose weight and, apparently, is having sex for the first time in many years. I think that’s great. The problem is that she talks about it incessantly and I find it rather disturbing and […]

The Sadness of … Sadness

Dear Short Answers: Is it me or what? An afternoon with my beau where he doesn’t engage in conversation meant I read my book.  The content (of the book) was about being with one’s “tribe” and creatively collaborating, and sharing intellectually stimulating fodder.  I started to pine for connectivity even more and to think about […]

Winners and Losers

Dear Short Answers: Why is it so hard to be friends with an ex-girlfriend? Ex-BF Dear X: Breakups are about broken hearts and someone walks away with the  deeper wounds.  This is not a strong foundation for friendship. Like Unlike

Happily Ever After … NOT

Dear Short Answers: I have been friends with a married couple for many, many years. After 30 years of being together, they are thinking about splitting up. And they are BOTH asking me for advice. Frankly, I can’t imagine separating from my wife after that long — but I think these two should actually split […]


Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend and I live together and just moved into a new house 2 months ago. Our landlord (who lives in the house in front of ours) invited us over to dinner on Friday night. What do we bring? And can we be ourselves yet in front of them? Renters Dear Renters: […]

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