Don’t Get Us Started

Dear Short Answers: I kept putting off buying Christmas presents until finally it was too late and I didn’t actually buy any gifts for anyone this year. Now I’m feeling guilty. Should I buy presents when everything goes on sale and tell people that is why I procrastinated? Or do I just ignore the whole […]

Getting Even

Dear Short Answers: I am a new widow and my married friends insist on paying for me when we go out to dinner. I am uncomfortable with this and have said so — to no avail. What do you suggest? Want to be Fair Dear Fair: There are many ways to compensate your friends.  If […]

‘Tis the Season

Dear Short Answers: I have received THREE fundraising requests from the same person in the last two weeks. Admittedly all for different causes, but I think three is excessive. What do you think? Why Me? Dear Me: Them that has, gets asked. But you are not required to answer all prayers. Like Unlike

A Cautionary Tale

Dear Short Answers: My childhood friend has decided to marry a guy I don’t like. I think he holds her back and discourages all attempts at independence she makes. I’ve told her many times what I think but now that they’re engaged, I’ve stopped complaining and try to be supportive. I was polite and very […]

A Paper in Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush

Dear Short Answers: I forgot to tip the paper boy at Christmas … is it too late? And now my paper is always in the bushes. Sorreee Dear Sorreee: It’s never to late to say “thank you,” which is what a Christmas tip is about. (Actually, it’s never too late to say whatever you’ve been […]

Show Him that You Care…

Dear Short Answers: how can i show my partner i care about him without overdoing it? do care Dear Care: It’s actually hard to overdo in the caring department.  If you are really thinking about what HE would like and not what you might like — or what you would like his reaction to be. […]

Lattitudes and Attitudes

Dear Shortie, I often feel like my ship hasn’t landed and I’m nowhere near the right harbor…I’ve decided to make the choice in one years time based on my Self, not relationship or money…Which soul- map and when to set sail? What do you suppose are signs or signals of coming into one’s proper port? […]

Bon Voyage

Dear Short Answers, A friend of mine and I have been planning a trip to Asia for the last six months. We are leaving next month. Yesterday, she called, quite upset. She has had an unexpected financial hit and says she can no longer afford to go. I really want to make this trip and […]

Wine or Roses

Dear ShortAnswers, I recently attended the wedding of two middle-aged people who are on their second marriages. Because they have two households full of stuff, they registered with a local wine merchant and requested very specific bottles of wine. Although there was a range of prices, I felt I couldn’t be cheap. But, I’m broke […]

Home Improvement

Dear ShortAnswers: For Christmas, my dad’s girlfriend gave me a “memory box” that commemorates my deceased mother. I said thank you, but must I hang it on my wall? And is this just a conflict of taste, or did she overstep with this gift? Gifted Dear Gifted: If you don’t like it, then don’t hang […]