Past Sins?

Dear Short Answers: I didn’t get a Valentine Present for my girl and she is pissed off.  I think it is a stupid commercial holiday and I think she should apologize for being dumb.  What do you think? A Guy with Principles Dear Guy: We happen to agree with you.  But she’s your girl, and [...]

Catch 22

Dear Short Answers: Another year and  here I am with the same old “not going anyplace relationship.” We’ve had all the conversations and no resolutions but somehow here we are again — not very happy but not doing anything else either.  Help!!! PO’R Dear P: You know the answer to this one.  You’re too lazy [...]


Dear Short Answers: ‘Tis the season I guess — thinking about old girlfriends and half-planning a dirty weekend with someone I split up with more than a decade ago.  What’s this about? Should I do it? Bored and Lonely Dear B&L: Manage your expectations. Doing the same thing over again rarely produces a different outcome.  [...]

Let it Slide

Dear Short Answers: I was in a relationship with a girl that I liked a lot, but she broke up, and I didn’t know why??!!  She gave me some reasons but I wasn’t satisfied enough.  Anyway, now she’s gone and I’ve accepted that. But the problem is that I’m still thinking of her and our [...]

Drop the Gun, Take the Cannoli’s

Dear Short Answers: I’ve been dating a girl for about 6 months and we both really like each other (I think). The problem is that my friends think she is much too pretty for me and that she is just pretending to like me as a joke and that one day she will dump me [...]

It’s Harder for the One Who Stays Behind

Dear Short Answers: I moved across the country and one of my best girlfriends from home refuses to talk to me. She pretends like she is just super busy, and that we are still BFF. I don’t think she’s a good friend.  How do I make amends to get it back to the way it [...]

Traveling Light

Dear Short Answers: I’m falling deeply for a guy who I am sure is right for me.  He brings out the best in me in a way I never thought possible (ok, enough gush) and I’m meeting his family (gulp) in a few weeks.  But as we get more serious it brings up insecurities from [...]

No Way Out

Dear Short Answers: My girl friend thinks she is hotter than she is and tells me that I don’t appreciate her.  Should I tell her the truth? Damned If You Do; Damned If You Don’t Dear Damned: Yep, you’re right. Like Unlike

Much Ado about Nothing

Dear Short Answers: I was interested in one of my classmates in university and wanted to tell  her — but I didn’t.  And now she is in a relationship with another guy (he is also my classmate and friend). How can forget  that I liked this girl?  Should I return  or search for another one [...]

Since He Asked…

Dear Short Answers: My brother is having a hard time getting over his most recent girl friend.  He is in his 40′s and has had a number of long relationships.  He wants my advice on when to start dating again.  How recovered should you be before heading back out into the dating world? My Place [...]

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