Minding His Business?

Dear Short Answers: A friend of mine is about to make a fool of himself by pursuing a much younger woman. Should I try to save him? Embarrassed Dear Embarrassed: It’s his party — you have no role in this unless your advice is solicited.  Stand at the ready — either for celebration or comfort. […]

Past Sins?

Dear Short Answers: I didn’t get a Valentine Present for my girl and she is pissed off.  I think it is a stupid commercial holiday and I think she should apologize for being dumb.  What do you think? A Guy with Principles Dear Guy: We happen to agree with you.  But she’s your girl, and […]

Another Doggone Dog Lover

Dear Short Answer: My brother is married with three young children. His wife and kids talked him into buying a puppy. The $1,000 that they paid for the dog apparently wasn’t enough. They now spend more on the dog than they do on the kids. I know exactly how much my brother and his wife […]

Don’t Waste Your Precious Time

Dear Short Answers: At what point in the relationship is it OK to start talking about kids and if you want them or not? On My Mind Dear OMM: If it’s a deal breaker for you (either yes you do, or no you don’t) than the sooner the better. Like Unlike

Try Going to the Movies

Dear Short Answers: For a whole week, everybody irritates me. I exercise but I can’t get out of the rut. Grrrrrrh Dear G: These things happen. These weeks happen. Try not to do yourself damage. It will pass. Exercise is great, but not always the answer, darling.  (You know, people ARE really irritating) Like Unlike

Hard to Say

Dear Short Answers: Will I ever find someone? Lonely Dear Lonely: Everyone wonders; nobody knows.   But the chances are much better if you fish where the fish are. Like Unlike

All Talk, No Action

Dear Short Answers: What do you do if you are intellectually but not physically attracted to a great, funny & successful guy you just started dating? Cut the cord —  or keep on trying? Great Expectations Dear Great: Don’t try — you can’t force these things.  Postpone sex like they did in the olden days.  […]

Who cares, so what?

Dear Short Answers: I married very late in my life (in my late 50s) to a much younger woman. Shortly after I turned 60, we had our first baby. I was skeptical at first but now I am thrilled. The problem is that everyone assumes it is my grandchild. What do I say when people […]

Double Happiness

Dear Short Answers: Is it better to choose alcoholism, or homosexuality?  Which gets you happier? Waiting for an Answer Dear Waiting: Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

It’s GOOD to Know What You Are Doing

Dear Short Answers: Is it really wrong to have sex with a married man? After all, he’s a grown-up and can make decisions on his own. If he wants to fool around, it’s not my responsibility just because I’m the one he fools around with.  My friends tell me that I’m being dishonest and a […]

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