Flashing Red!

Dear Short Answers: He’s 49, I’m 27. We are both married. The whole deal is hotter and more unlikely than you can possibly imagine. But I would never leave my husband — not for him; not for anyone. I think he still loves his wife and certainly his children.  What should I do? Overcome Dear […]

Oh Please…

Dear Short Answers: My best friend recently got married for the second time. I’m truly happy for him and want this marriage to succeed (his first marriage was a disaster). The problem is that I really, really find his new wife attractive and I think she feels the same way about me. I can tell […]

It’s Called Gossip

Dear Short Answers: I know for an absolute fact that my neighbor (who is a popular dentist in town) is cheating on his wife. I don’t really know them very well, but I still feel that I should say something. They have two small children and I am afraid that the longer this goes on, […]

Curiousity and the Cat

Dear Short Answers: I have been happily married for 8 years and have 3 little kids.  I never experimented with sex much when I was younger but I really want to find out more.  I think I’m pretty good looking and get lots of offers to have sex with guys.  Is it okay if I […]

Going, Going…Gone

Dear Short Answers: I went to a 3-day music festival with my girlfriend but while I was there I met another girl and had sex with her a couple of times. I now realize that I need to break up with my girlfriend. Should I tell her about the sex or should I make up […]

If You Can’t Be Good, Be Careful

Dear Short Answers: I will never have sex again, unless I cheat on my husband.  Our relationship is pretty good but completely asexual.  I am only 50. What should I do? Sorely tempted Dear Tempted: Only you can anticipate  the consequences of an infidelity on your marriage.  And only you can evaluate what the loss […]

Inquire Within

Dear Short Answers: Why is he cheating? Hurt and Angry Dear H&A: We don’t know — why don’t you ask him? Like Unlike

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Dear Short Answers: I love my boyfriend very much.  I am his home, his family (NOT literally!) and his love. We live together and have become very close and comfortable, but recently, I cheated on him with my ex. I feel horrible. How do I approach talking to him about it? -Guilty Dear Guilty: Don’t. […]

Not so far out of the trees….

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend in his fifties who shares my complex and lovely wilderness lifestyle is leaving me for a drunken 33 year old whom he admittedly doesn’t love. How can the male animal have sex/make love to a woman he does not love, and dump the one he respects and cherishes?! Suffering Dear […]

Green Eyes

Dear Short Answers: How should have Othello behaved when given evidence of his younger wife’s possible infidelity? Does it say anything about older man and much younger women? Looking for Alternatives Dear Looking: Jealousy never leads to anything good.  It is about as corrosive  as guilt.  Couples have a lot of options concerning infidelity — […]