He’s There, You’re Not

Dear Short Answers: My brother is visiting my parents. My Dad has Alzheimer’s and my Mom is working very hard to take care of him. She is 84, he is 89. My Mom called me and she was sad and hurt because she had offered to put some of his clothes in the washing machine [...]

Goodbye to That…

Dear Short Answers: My brother and I are at odds. He is 60 and I am 52.  Our mother is 81 and, even though she still lives on her own, my brother yells at her all the time and tells her she is stupid. He insists that she run everything she does by him and [...]

Run around Dad

Dear Short Answers: My brother is having a baby (his first) in the fall and I think he’s really happy about it. But he still hangs out with his friends and I am pretty sure that he’s been screwing around with other women. I have asked him and he denies it. If his wife found [...]

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…

Dear Short Answers: My sister always bugs me and she gets mad at me for no reason. Do you know why? Sick of it Dear Sick: She does it because she can–it goes with territory. She’s probably having a hard time…  Stay out of her way for awhile. Like Unlike

A Question of Honor

Dear Short Answers: My sister just put together a family scrapbook and made copies for everyone in the family. The problem is that she included my siblings and their spouses but didn’t include my same sex partner of 10 years. I asked her about this and she said “I had to draw the line somewhere. [...]

Middle Marching

Dear Short Answers: My middle-aged brother is out of work and my mother is always giving him money. This has been going on for several years and I’m afraid she is depriving herself of things and will soon have nothing left for herself. My brother says he has no choice, that he needs it for [...]

My Mother, Myself

Dear Short Answers, My older sister is turning into our mother. She’s always fighting with her children, telling them what to do and who to do it with, being disappointed when they don’t do what she expects. The problem is she’s 60 and they’re grown up with lives of their own. Should I step in [...]

It’s Her Life–Not Yours

Dear Short Answers: My 21 yr old little sister just went and got an ugly tattoo about the size of a baseball glove. She knew that it would make my dad, my brother and me very upset, but she went ahead with it and used my dad’s money to do it. We’ve always known that [...]

No Pain No Gain

Dear Short Answers: My sister recently told me that I don’t listen to her. I think she really meant that I don’t hear her but I’m not sure — I neglected to ask her why she thought I wasn’t listening. I think she doesn’t listen to me. She’s judgmental, refuses to acknowledge my opinions and [...]

The Mother-Lode

Dear ShortAnswers: Hi I’m 24, female, and my brother Zach is 27. We both have our own apartments. But Zach still treats my mother like his personal servant. She cleans his apartment, does his laundry. Even cooks. She goes over almost every day and he leaves notes for her. Like shopping lists and “please change [...]