Dues Paid

Dear Short Answers: Hillary Clinton is the most popular politician in America. Why is that? Wondering Why Dear WW: It’s a country western song!  She suffered many indignities (most hated first lady, cheating husband, working for her former adversary) and held  it together  with  some grace. Not to mention raising a lovely daughter in the […]

Strange New World

Dear Short Answers: I don’t use Facebook and I don’t want to start. But it seems that lately, people are making their big life announcements on Facebook instead of telling you in person or sending personal notes. I was the last person to find out that a good friend had a grandchild because she announced […]

Recipe for Heartache

Dear Short Answers: Is it possible to be friends with your ex? Missing Her Dear Missing: No.  Although there are some exceptions,  friendship with an ex is a very risky proposition.  There is something inherently unbalanced in the relationship. One party is likely to be needier,  or more vulnerable and the designation “ex” is the […]

Catch 22

Dear Short Answers: Another year and  here I am with the same old “not going anyplace relationship.” We’ve had all the conversations and no resolutions but somehow here we are again — not very happy but not doing anything else either.  Help!!! PO’R Dear P: You know the answer to this one.  You’re too lazy […]

Ask the English

Dear Short Answers: Three years ago I felt a change in my sexuality. I’m not  full  blown Gay but I have fallen to cross dressing  — which turns me on now at this advanced age. I am enjoying it, and that is what’s puzzling  to me. How and what happened to my body’s system? Is […]

Love It or Leave It

Dear Short Answers: My wife made good money her entire life and decided to retire last year at the age of 60. I thought it was a great idea but now I regret it. All she does now is have fun while I go to work every day. I didn’t think it would bother me […]

Judge Not

Dear Short Answers: My next door neighbor is an artist who lost her husband about 5 years ago. She has become very close with her gardener who suddenly seems to be living with her. I am afraid that he is taking advantage of her money and her loneliness. How do I stop this from happening? […]

Fish in a Different Pond

Dear Short Answers: Why are men such jackasses? I have had a LOT of boyfriends over the past few years and every one is an asshole. They say they love me and want to be with me and then I catch them cheating. How do I find a decent guy in 2011? Jane Dear Jane: […]

Family Secrets

Dear Short Answers: In my adulthood, I have come to realize that there are things about my childhood and family that I don’t understand.   And I think I have come to resent my mother (who I love more than anything) in the process. I’d like to talk to her about it and put some […]

When Enough Is Enough

Dear Short Answers: I have a single, female friend who lives alone and is very depressed. She obsesses about her problems, but she won’t see a shrink for help (“been there, done that”). I don’t have the time to stay on the phone with her for hours, but I’m afraid that if I continue to […]

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