Past Sins

Dear Short Answers: I have been happily married for 2 years. My wife does not know that I had a very active sexual life before I met her. I slept with a lot of women. We live in a small town and I am afraid that some of these women will tell her. Should I […]

Another Doggone Dog Lover

Dear Short Answer: My brother is married with three young children. His wife and kids talked him into buying a puppy. The $1,000 that they paid for the dog apparently wasn’t enough. They now spend more on the dog than they do on the kids. I know exactly how much my brother and his wife […]

The Blessing of Children

Dear Short Answers: My daughter is almost 12 years old and I am beginning to wonder more and more than she might not be my child. My wife and I were having marital difficulties before my daughter was born and I think she might have cheated on me. My daughter doesn’t look at all like […]

Traveling Light

Dear Short Answers: I’m falling deeply for a guy who I am sure is right for me.  He brings out the best in me in a way I never thought possible (ok, enough gush) and I’m meeting his family (gulp) in a few weeks.  But as we get more serious it brings up insecurities from […]

Is Your Heart Talking to Your Brain?

Dear Short Answers: How do I know if I’m engaged or married to the “right” person or the “best” person for me? Unsure Dear Un: If you don’t know, we don’t know. Like Unlike

It’s a Toughie

Dear Short Answers: Is it ok for my ex-husband to expose our daughter to his two girlfriends? Mom Dear Mom: We hate to answer questions with questions but this time it all depends:  1) How old are your daughters? 2) Do you trust your ex to introduce these women in a way that will be […]

Hard to Say

Dear Short Answers: Will I ever find someone? Lonely Dear Lonely: Everyone wonders; nobody knows.   But the chances are much better if you fish where the fish are. Like Unlike

Since He Asked…

Dear Short Answers: My brother is having a hard time getting over his most recent girl friend.  He is in his 40’s and has had a number of long relationships.  He wants my advice on when to start dating again.  How recovered should you be before heading back out into the dating world? My Place […]

Spilt Milk

Dear Short Answers: You gave me advice before, and I should have listened. You said to break up with my guy, but instead I didn’t, and as soon as he got to college he broke up with yours truly. Guess I was just hopeful things would turn out well.  Now, how do I get out […]

Speak Now — or Forever Hold Your Peace

Dear Short Answers: For our honeymoon, my fiance & I totally disagree. He wants a hiking trip in the Rockies — with camping and hang gliding and rock climbing. And he told everybody to buy us camping equipment for our wedding. I never gave him the slightest hint that I would do anything like that. […]

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