‘Tis the Season

Dear Short Answers: I have received THREE fundraising requests from the same person in the last two weeks. Admittedly all for different causes, but I think three is excessive. What do you think? Why Me? Dear Me: Them that has, gets asked. But you are not required to answer all prayers. Like Unlike

Don’t Blame the Fat Man

Dear Short Answers: Last week I was on a flight sitting in an aisle seat. I got up to go the bathroom and when I returned, I was shocked to see the person who had previously been at the window, sitting in my seat. The problem was that I had left my laptop open on [...]

A Dickinsian Tale

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend has been living in my home for the past 3 months and I just started to ask him to share some of the expenses. He gladly gave me 1/2 of what I requested and I am wondering how soon can I ask for the rest without appearing to be cheap? [...]

Goodnight Irene

Dear Short Answers: FEMA has just opened up an office in my town because of the hurricane damage from Irene. Technically, I didn’t get any damage, but I spent two whole days putting up shutters, taking down awnings and putting away outdoor furniture. Because I have a bad back, I had to hire two kids [...]

Sticky Wicket

Dear Short Answers: My uncle died a couple of weeks ago and I am his closest living relative — even though we were never close. He left a little bit of money plus a house and an insurance policy. Everything was left to me. The problem is that there are other relatives who actually were [...]

Money, Mom and Management

Dear Short Answers: I have owned a business with my life partner for the last 8 years. During that time we have had numerous employees. One of those employees happens to be my elderly mother (70′s) who did our bookkeeping.  She moved (400 miles) away from her home town to help us out.  My partner [...]

Another Doggone Dog Lover

Dear Short Answer: My brother is married with three young children. His wife and kids talked him into buying a puppy. The $1,000 that they paid for the dog apparently wasn’t enough. They now spend more on the dog than they do on the kids. I know exactly how much my brother and his wife [...]

No Dog In This Fight

Dear Short Answers: The woman who grooms our dog came to our house about 2 months ago and, unfortunately, slipped when she was getting out of her van and hit her face on the sidewalk. She broke her 2 front teeth and had to have about $2,000 worth of dental work. A friend, who also [...]

Seeing Green

Dear Short Answers: I have a female friend who just gotten mega-rich, through her own efforts. I can’t control my jealousy? Green Dear Green: Your feelings are totally understandable — and may be helpful in making goals for yourself.  Think about  if you REALLY want to be rich.  Are you taking steps necessary to make [...]

Talk is Cheap; Money Is Dear

Dear Short Answers: I have a very good friend who is constantly spending more money than she can possibly afford. She is behind on her mortgage, her credit cards are maxed out and constantly buys her family and friends lavish gifts. I am VERY worried about her. How can I get her to come to [...]

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