From the Planet Krypton, Perhaps?

Dear Short Answers: My 5-year old son, Luke, for some unknown reason,  has become convinced that he is adopted.  My wife and I have assured him that he is not but he refuses to change his mind.  To make matters worse, he tells everyone he sees that he is adopted.  I have gotten into the […]

Old News

Dear Short Answers: My husband of many, many years really hates my parents … for good reason.  But they are old now and I feel like he should have drawn his toe in the dirt years ago.  But since he didn’t, now, just let it go!  Am I wrong? Monkey in the Middle Dear Monkey: […]

He’s There, You’re Not

Dear Short Answers: My brother is visiting my parents. My Dad has Alzheimer’s and my Mom is working very hard to take care of him. She is 84, he is 89. My Mom called me and she was sad and hurt because she had offered to put some of his clothes in the washing machine […]

The Basics

Dear Short Answers: I have 3 grandchildren who NEVER write thank you’s. I wouldn’t even object to an email or phone thank you.  My friends tell me not to bother buying for them, but I LOVE to do so….Birthday’s, Halloween, Valentines, etc.  I take a lot of time choosing exactly what they would like and […]

Whose Story Is It?

Dear Short Answers: My son has been heavily involved with drugs and is doing his best to kick the habit. He’s been in jail and in rehab which means that he “disappears” for long periods of time. Most of my friends think he’s working or in college and they ask how he’s doing. I never […]

Money, Mom and Management

Dear Short Answers: I have owned a business with my life partner for the last 8 years. During that time we have had numerous employees. One of those employees happens to be my elderly mother (70’s) who did our bookkeeping.  She moved (400 miles) away from her home town to help us out.  My partner […]

Other People’s Children

Dear Short Answers A good friend of mine has a 12-year child (a girl) who is a complete pain in the ass. She’s snotty, loud and annoying. No one I know can stand to be around her but, of course, the parents take her everywhere. How do I “nicely” tell my friend that his daughter […]

Hairy Situation

Dear Short Answers: If your mother comes back from the beauty parlor with absurd purple hair — do you tell her? Or just hope that the next time it’s not such an embarrassing disaster? Judging Dear Judge: Leave her alone.  She knows everything you know … and more. She knows why she did it. Like […]

The Blessing of Children

Dear Short Answers: My daughter is almost 12 years old and I am beginning to wonder more and more than she might not be my child. My wife and I were having marital difficulties before my daughter was born and I think she might have cheated on me. My daughter doesn’t look at all like […]

Let it Be

Dear Short Answers: My son got engaged last year to a wonderful girl — or so he says. The problem is that she lives in a different city and we’ve never met her. We’ve offered to buy her a plane ticket to come visit but he always finds an excuse not to do that. Whenever […]

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