You Know What You Know

Dear Short Answers: I recently divulged a secret to a very good friend and swore him to secrecy.  I later found out the he had told another person.  Do I confront him with this?  Or do I keep quiet and learn my lesson? SPD Dear SPD: What possible good could come from a confrontation? Denial? [...]

Multiple Choice

Dear Short Answers: Appropriate response or action is needed to handle a 50-year old brother-in-law who deliberately and graphically burps and passes gas in front of others while at family dinners. He’s the only one finding this amusing and nobody wants to eat around him, including children. I’m sure this jerk can’t be reasoned with, [...]

A Room of One’s Own

Dear Short Answers: Man Caves seem to have become all the rage around here — since when does a man get his own room? Still Sharing Dear SS: Historically,  in families that could afford large homes, everyone had their own space.  The man of the family had an “office” or a study or even a [...]

Make It Stop!

Dear Short Answers: Since airlines have stopped serving meals more people seem to be boarding with steaming, smelly cartons of airport junk food. I actually saw a woman spill hot coffee on a seated passenger as she struggled with her carry on and what appeared to be a 5-course meal. HELP Weary Road Warrior Dear [...]

Be Careful What You Wish For

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend is too nice to me. It makes me feel like he isn’t a real man. Should I tell him how I feel? Princess Dear P: Examine your values. Would you like him to break your nose? Like Unlike

Mirror, Mirror

Dear Short Answers: My friend is in her sixties and dresses like she is 25. I think she looks ridiculous. How do I tell her without damaging our friendship. Concerned about Appropriate Dear Concerned: Leave her alone! She’s not applying for a job or  learning “fashion basics.” Are you sure you’re not jealous? Like Unlike

Boomerang Blues

Dear Short Answers:Our son just moved back home after living on his own for several years in another city. He is an adult now and we try not to make too many rules but he and his girlfriend were having a VERY good time this weekend and the sounds were “uncomfortable” for us and kept [...]

Freedom of Religion

Dear Short Answers: I have become more and more uncomfortable with organized religion as the years go by.  I hate being in churches, temples, mosques — they all creep me out.  Can I reasonably refuse to attend the religious ceremonies of friends and family? The Atheist Dear Atheist: The religious ceremonies of friends and family [...]

It’s Her Story and She’s Sticking to It

Dear Short Answers: Everything my older sister says about herself is a lie. I can’t stand it anymore. What should I do? I Was There, Too Dear Too: Everyone is entitled to their own narrative.  And our experience is people get very committed to their version of truth. Leave it alone. Like Unlike

He’s There, You’re Not

Dear Short Answers: My brother is visiting my parents. My Dad has Alzheimer’s and my Mom is working very hard to take care of him. She is 84, he is 89. My Mom called me and she was sad and hurt because she had offered to put some of his clothes in the washing machine [...]

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