Offense Taken

Dear Short Answers: I have a terrible aversion to nail biting. I don’t know why but it makes me shudder to watch people chew their nails and cuticles off. Unfortunately, some close friends and co-workers do this. I’ve, on occasion, asked them to stop, but it’s not always appropriate. What’s a polite way to point [...]

When Is a Job Not a Job?

Dear Short Answers: I do volunteer work for a a local charity and I am frequently annoyed when the Director or staff nag me about deadlines and expect me to act like its a real job — am I wrong? Resentful Dear R: We hear you loud and clear and have been on both sides [...]

The Basics

Dear Short Answers: I have 3 grandchildren who NEVER write thank you’s. I wouldn’t even object to an email or phone thank you.  My friends tell me not to bother buying for them, but I LOVE to do so….Birthday’s, Halloween, Valentines, etc.  I take a lot of time choosing exactly what they would like and [...]

Look BOTH Ways

Dear Short Answers: I am not a feminist but I am a modern woman and feel that I have to think of my future as if I was alone. Is this necessarily dangerous for a relationship? Planning Solo Dear Solo: We are feminists, and we think if you don’t plan for  yourself, you are a [...]

The Best Defense

Dear Short Answers: In the small town where I live, I have a large group of friends.  Some of us are single, others are married (or on their 2nd or 3rd marriage). A couple of them have started to hint that they would like to introduce “sex” into the group. I’m not exactly sure what [...]

Good Manners Cover a Multitude of Slips

Dear Short Answers: There is an older woman (in her 70s or 80s I would guess) who I see frequently at the grocery store and other places in town. She is always very well-dressed and seems pretty sharp. The odd thing is that she always introduces herself to me (even though we have met many [...]

Switch Hitting?

Dear Short Answers: I have always thought that I was gay and have been happily having sex with men for 20 years. Until recently. There is a new woman at work who I absolutely adore. I even have dreams about having sex with her. I’d love to ask her out and see what happens. Should [...]

Old Question/New Answer

Dear Short Answers: I recently “retired” and am having a terrible time actually saying that word. Because I don’t feel “retired” at all. I volunteer at the local food bank (I used to be a nutritionist at a big hospital) and I am happier than I have been in years. When people ask me what [...]

Judge Not

Dear Short Answers: My next door neighbor is an artist who lost her husband about 5 years ago. She has become very close with her gardener who suddenly seems to be living with her. I am afraid that he is taking advantage of her money and her loneliness. How do I stop this from happening? [...]

Risky Business

Dear Short Answers: A few months ago, I volunteered to construct a family tree for all the members of my extended family. As part of the research, I asked everybody in the family to fill out a questionnaire so that I could get started researching online. Nobody batted an eye — and everybody gave me [...]

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