Fortune Telling

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend is going off to college in six months and I’ll only be a senior then. We’ve been together for 4 1/2 months and I really love him but I don’t know what will be best for him — breaking up or staying together? I want your opinion before I talk […]

Satute of Limitations

Dear Short Answers: My husband (Paul) and I were separated for almost 2 years and during that time, I must admit, I said a few harsh words about him. Well, maybe more than just a few. Fortunately, we are back together and I think it’s going to work out. UNFORTUNATELY, all the bad things I […]


Dear Short Answers: As I get older, I worry more and more about who will take care of me when I can’t live on my own. I am in my 70’s and my daughter lives with me. She never married and has some mental problems. And she is getting harder and harder to live with. […]

He’s Just Not That Into You…

Dear Short Answers: My BF doesn’t call or text me anymore. Is it that he’s cheating? Missing Him Dear MH: Well, we don’t know if he’s cheating but it doesn’t sound like he is interested. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Why e-mail Was Invented…

Dear Short Answers: I’ve been dating my boyfriend for almost ten months. I met him when I started college earlier this year. However, we live in two different states, and won’t be able to see each other this summer because he’s doing research at OU. Ever since I’ve returned home, I’ve been feeling really homesick, […]

Live Close By, Visit Often

Dear Short Answers: I am getting ready to move out of my mother’s house. However, there are family issues that are preventing me from finally getting my own apartment. 1. My grandmother lives with us. She is 79 and growing senile. 2. I have a 4 year old brother who is a handful. My mother […]

You Go Girl!

Dear Shortanswers: For the past 7 years, my husband has been saying that he is going to get his life in order. Now we have children and life is still the same.  He is in a job that doesn’t pay, he drinks way too much, and we never have sex. I stay because of the […]