Boomerang Blues

Dear Short Answers:Our son just moved back home after living on his own for several years in another city. He is an adult now and we try not to make too many rules but he and his girlfriend were having a VERY good time this weekend and the sounds were “uncomfortable” for us and kept [...]

It Depends on What You Think “It” Is

Dear Short Answers: I think my boyfriend is checking his texts … while we are having sex!!!! Does this mean he is cheating? Hold the Phone Dear Hold: Well, you certainly don’t have his full attention.  And if you think that it cheating — it’s cheating. BUT we think it is probably a simple case [...]

Catch 22

Dear Short Answers: Another year and  here I am with the same old “not going anyplace relationship.” We’ve had all the conversations and no resolutions but somehow here we are again — not very happy but not doing anything else either.  Help!!! PO’R Dear P: You know the answer to this one.  You’re too lazy [...]

Switch Hitting?

Dear Short Answers: I have always thought that I was gay and have been happily having sex with men for 20 years. Until recently. There is a new woman at work who I absolutely adore. I even have dreams about having sex with her. I’d love to ask her out and see what happens. Should [...]

Take a Good Look at Yourself

Dear Short Answers: How do I get over the fact that my husband is just not, shall we say as “well-endowed” as I would like.  I have not seen a lot of naked men, but I’ve seen a few photos and my husband just does not measure up.  It bothers me every time we have [...]

Oh Please…

Dear Short Answers: My best friend recently got married for the second time. I’m truly happy for him and want this marriage to succeed (his first marriage was a disaster). The problem is that I really, really find his new wife attractive and I think she feels the same way about me. I can tell [...]

Sweet Dreams

Dear Short Answers: Hi, I recently had a dream that I hooked up with someone (anonymous, not someone I know) who wasn’t my boyfriend. In the dream, I even LIED to my boyfriend about it because I was so horrified and I woke up in a panic! Now, I’m worried something is wrong with me. [...]

Give the Girl a Break

Dear Short Answers: I have had a friend for many years who has always been extremely overweight. She recently started to lose weight and, apparently, is having sex for the first time in many years. I think that’s great. The problem is that she talks about it incessantly and I find it rather disturbing and [...]

Just say NO!

Dear Short Answers: My husband (Tom) and I live in a very gay-friendly town and have many gay friends. Tom, who is quite handsome, is frequently hit on by gay men even though they all know he is married. I didn’t mind and was actually flattered in a strange way. But last week, my husband [...]

When It Isn’t About You

Dear Short Answers: I don’t get it.  I’ve been in a relationship with this guy for almost 2 1/2 years.  We love each other very much, but he just doesn’t want to have sex.  I will be naked in bed next to him and he just rejects me over and over.  What can I do [...]

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