Don’t Get Mad, Get Packing

Dear Short Answers: A very good friend of mine agreed to go on vacation with me this winter. Everything is all planned and all booked (on my credit card). My friend has now decided that he can’t go because he’s afraid of losing his job and he needs all the money he can save. I […]

Twice Is Nice

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I completely disagree about what type of vacation we should take (even though we’ve been married for over 10 years). He likes active, sports-oriented trips and I prefer beach and quiet (and a spa treatment now and then). I say we should take separate vacations. He says that will […]

Why Airplanes Were Invented

Dear Short Answers: Are long distance relationships impossible? Frequent Flier Dear FF: No, they are VERY possible and have many side benefits ranging from self-discovery to sexy reunions. Like Unlike

Speak Now — or Forever Hold Your Peace

Dear Short Answers: For our honeymoon, my fiance & I totally disagree. He wants a hiking trip in the Rockies — with camping and hang gliding and rock climbing. And he told everybody to buy us camping equipment for our wedding. I never gave him the slightest hint that I would do anything like that. […]

Suddenly SAD?

Dear Short Answers: I just got back to work after a 3-day holiday weekend and I’m more depressed than ever. Winter is coming. Days are shorter. How do I make it through until Spring? Sad Dear Sad: Alas, time and chance and change of seasons happen to us all.  Make sure you are outdoors in […]

The Grasshopper and the Ant

Dear Short Answers: I’m 46 years old and have lived in probably 20 different cities around the world since I graduated from college. I just love new adventures and I’ve never had a problem getting a job as a bartender or waitress. When I get bored, I move on. I plan to do this for […]

Cloudy, Chance of Meatballs.

Dear Short Answers: I met this guy about two months ago and we did it on the first night.  Now I live in Atlanta and he lives in Mississippi.  Do you think our relationship will work? Regretful Dear R: Sex on the first date, while not always a great idea, isn’t necessarily the kiss of […]

Too Much Information…

Dear Short Answers, I’m working in the U.S. on a temporary work visa that lasts for another 2 years. When I meet a girl, do I need to tell her this? Or should I wait until something gets serious. I don’t want to seem dishonest. But I also don’t want to assume that she cares […]

Lattitudes and Attitudes

Dear Shortie, I often feel like my ship hasn’t landed and I’m nowhere near the right harbor…I’ve decided to make the choice in one years time based on my Self, not relationship or money…Which soul- map and when to set sail? What do you suppose are signs or signals of coming into one’s proper port? […]

Pourquoi Pas?

Dear Short Answers: I have an offer from a friend who lives in the South of France to come and stay indefinitely. It would mean renting out my home, possibly leaving pets behind temporarily. My practical side says don’t go, but the temptation to flee is great. Should I stay or go? Free 2 Flee […]

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