When Is a Job Not a Job?

Dear Short Answers: I do volunteer work for a a local charity and I am frequently annoyed when the Director or staff nag me about deadlines and expect me to act like its a real job — am I wrong? Resentful Dear R: We hear you loud and clear and have been on both sides […]

Building a 75-Year Plan

Dear Short Answers: Two months ago I left an office job that I’d been at (mostly unhappily) for 2 and 1/2 years, for a new office job that I’m already not enjoying. I keep reminding myself of how fortunate I am to even have a job, but that doesn’t help to make this new job […]

New Rules

Dear Short Answers: I just started a new job and kind of hate it. I get daily calls from recruiters and it kills me to not follow the leads. These days, what’s kosher in terms of how long I have to stick it out before I look for something new? Just Marking Time Dear JMT: […]

Fair Trade

Dear Short Answers: A huge part of my new job is networking, but I feel like a total sleaze being nice to people only because I might need something from them later. Can you offer some perspective? Feeling insincere Dear Feeling: A huge part of most jobs is networking — and all relationships that work […]

No Time Like the Present

Dear Short Answers: I really don’t like my job and am freelancing on the side, hoping to one day be my own boss. When do I take the plunge to freelancing full-time? I’ll never have enough money saved up since I have a lot of college loan debt. Stuck Dear Stuck: If you are good […]

Get a Life

Dear Short Answers: A woman just started working at the office where I am employed. She has quite a masculine look and a pretty deep voice. Everyone at work is gossiping about whether or not she is a man or possibly a transsexual. Is there a nice way to ask this question? It may not […]

Are You Kidding?

Dear Short Answers: I am at the age when a lot of my friends are starting to retire.  And since I am still working, they seem to feel that I should pay for everything when we go out.  I buy drinks.  I buy dinner.  I buy theater tickets — and they don’t offer to pay […]

Go for It

Dear Short Answers: I am often told I am very kind and polite to people, often when they don’t deserve it.  Recently, a person I know on a professional level attempted to embarrass me at a town meeting in front of 60 people.  I am  upset that 1) this person showed poor taste to do […]

The Carpenter and the Lady

Dear Short Answers: I have been out of work for almost 2 years. I am a 58 year old carpenter and I will probably never find that kind of job again. Luckily, I have a military pension so we won’t starve. My kids are grown and out of the house but my wife is driving […]

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Dear Short Answers: Seems they think they can screw me.  I had worked for someone on an hourly (low) rate to ‘see how we fit’.  For 3 months, I did everything from her graphics to her marketing to her business proposal writing.  She said she was thrilled with my work and wanted to make me […]

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